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Annual Meeting of 2015
On January 8th, Ecombine organized its annual corporate meeting for year 2015. In the meeting, Chief engineer Mr. Zheng Wang presented the works in research and development, and drew the blueprint of research plans and introduced new projects for 2016. TheCEO Mr. Zhaofeng Li presented the overall projects progress and made the developing strategy of 2016 for Ecombine. Director of NERCRAT, Mr. Zhongxue Yuan gave a speech on the future strategy of advanced materials. During the meeting, the best employee awards been presented. With the passion and determination, Ecombine will have a better future.
Anti-Corruption Education
As part of business ethics educational programe conducted at company, Ecombine organized an anti-graft on-site lecture for its managers and concerning staffs. Mr. Zhaofeng Li, the CEO of ECOMBINE, explained the importance of honest and clean business practice to the group as they visit the anti-corruption education center. After touring the anti-graft education exhibition, everyone took the vow to to fight corruption in all possible ways and to keep ECOMBINE free of unethical business practice.
Project Management Training
To better understand the process and the techniques used at project management, Ecombine invited Professor Zhixing Guo to give a 3-day training course. Our staff learned basic terminologies and some useful tools for project management. The course also touched the development of concept of project management and its current methodology. Through in-class activities, our staff was able to align this training course with daily work so as to improve the projects processes in Ecombine.
Trip to Mount Meng
Mount Meng, known locally as Natural Oxygen Bar, is a very famous tourist resort in northern part of China. On May 16th and 17th, Ecombine organized a 2-day trip to climb Mount Meng and visit Zhuquan Village. Everyone embraced by nature and fully enjoyed the relaxing tranquil mountain scenery.
Celebrate the China’s Youth Day
To celebrate the China’s Youth Day, Ecombine organized a badminton competition among the staffs. This activity was part of company team building events. All people participate enjoyed the occasion greatly.
strawberry picking activity
The Strawberry picking at Xiazhuang, Qingdao was a unique, traditional celebration for strawberry harvest. In spring of 2015, Ecombine organized a trip to the event. All Ecombine people and their families enjoyed the day with some fun activities. Great memories!

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