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Ecombine requires not only the effective control and management of production resources, but also automatically collecting following data to meet the needs of dynamic management:

1) Production data, to analyze and control the process parameters and to control the quality of products;

2) Utility consumptions data such as water, electric, gas and other resources for cost analysis;

3) Equipment data for production lines for scheduled maintenance and un-scheduled maintenance.

All data above will be centralized and processed accordingly. The end results will be distributed by varies APPs through internet. The managers will be able to have the full access of the data at real-time without regional limit.

Intelligent Plant working processes:
Sensors connections

All sensors are connected by Wi-Fi and upload collected data to assist in clean production.

Equipments connections
Connect equipments and information system by Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet and ProfiBus to deliver production
commands and processing data.
Plants connections
Connected all the plants at all locations via VPN, and take a holistic approach in global management.
Human-Machine Interactions
With completely internet coverage, smart phone, Pad, and mobile data collectors can upload processing data,
parameters and other important information to concerned managers and staffs, to achieve the goal of mobile
interaction management.

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