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Ecombine project in Dongjiakou Industrial Zone is a demonstration of Advanced Tire Compound Manufacturing Technology (ATCMT) industrialization. Within the plants, Ecombine not only produce high performance rubber materials, but also by using automation, information and network technologies start the fourth industrial revolution characterized by highly digitization, networking, and Intelligent automation, which is also known as industry 4.0. The construction of Dongjiakou Industrial zone will focus on industry 4.0 and complete the zone as an innovation demonstration zone of industry 4.0 in chemical engineering fields.

Intelligent Plant Construction:
Receive Oder
Customers can place order through online shop, Wechat and Email.
Orders into Production
After deposits or customer credits verified, orders will be converted into production plans and transferred to MES platform, meanwhile related purchasing lists will be created and transferred to purchasing department.
Clean Production
DCS received production plans and processing parameters from MES platform to accurately control the actions of production lines.
Products Dispatch
When finished, products will be transferred into MES, attached a unique identification code, and assigned the storage sites depending on its priority.
Order tracing
After shipping, customers can trace the packages by Vehicle Location System.
Online Payment
After received the products, customers can finish the payment online.

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